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"Peace of Mind Pet Care"

The caring staff

Barb Sanders, Manager
"For all of my life I have loved animals and learned early on that I could establish rapport with them and earn their trust. 
I have an extra measure of patience to communicate with them and find myself able to develop long-standing relationships with pets and their owners.
I am able to work with the shy and scared ones as well as the bold and friendly creatures. 
I have enjoyed being part of Happy Pets Sitting Services since 2006 and love being entrusted with the care of our clients' pets.  Being able to provide peace of mind for our clients, to communicate with them on all aspects of their pets' needs is a very rewarding part of the job." 

Michelle Gillette, happy owner of Happy Pets



I have always loved animals. Throughout my life I have adopted many, many rescue cats & dogs. I love the saying, 'We rescued each other.'
In 2002, I decided to start a business that I loved. What could be better than taking care of family pets?

Happy Pets Sitting Services was born.

Our mission is: Your Pets deserve the Best!
We take care of your beloved pets; cats, dogs, fish, birds, rabbits & some specialty animals. We also make sure your home is safe, the mail is brought in & the plants are watered. Whatever you need, we can usually accommodate.

Happy Pets Sitting Services offers 1-2 pet visits per day, overnights, walks & transportation to and from the vet or groomers. We will also administer any medications that are needed.

One thing our happy client's love is that we always have a backup sitter. You will meet both sitters. This is in case there is snow (it has happened), or illness of your primary sitter. Your pet will be visited, fed, walked & cuddled. You can rest assured: Your Pet is Getting the Best!

We look forward to serving you and your pets. For more information in Seattle, please contact Barb at 206 293-6353.

For Los Angeles info, please contact Michelle at 213-446-5740 or at

Thank you for visiting Happy Pets Sitting Services
Michelle, Owner

Your pet deserves the best!

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