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Peace of Mind


You have probably never given much thought to just how much time and effort you put into your pet’s good health and happiness. As a pet owner myself, I realize many things need to be done on a daily basis to make certain your pets are safe, secure, comfortable and happy. Each time I visit your home I go through a checklist.


This list includes:

Pet Care

Giving each pet clean, fresh water.

Giving each pet the proper amount of food.

Administering medication if needed.

Giving treats (if they are allowed).

Cleaning up any accidents that may occur.

Having meaningful playtime with each pet.

Taking pets for walks.

Making sure pets are in their proper places.


Home Care

Releasing your security system.

Bringing in the newspapers and mail.

Watering all the plants (if requested).

Checking doors and windows (if requested).

Changing the lighting arrangements (on and off).

Re-locking the house (or area).

Restoring the security system.

Making notes for owners.

"Your pet deserves the best"

"I'm very pleased with the care & attention my kitties received! Came home to some very happy fur-babies..."  ​

Jean R., Amanda & Emily's owner


“I treat my dog like she is my child and I'm happy to say she didn't mind me being gone at all. She was very content with the care she received, and I'll be using your services again as needed.  Thank you!"  ​

Carrie C., Harley's owner


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